Who We Are

What is My Home Hax?

Based in Florida, we are a small team with great passion for life hacks, design and tech. With the ambition to bring you the most unique, stylish and distinctive items for your home and life, we've gone on the journey to curate original items that we are positive you will enjoy and use.

To put it simply; we are a collection and celebration of home and lifestyle. Our goal is to make your life easier one hack at a time. Best put, My Home Hax is a way of life.

How This All Started

My Home Hax started as a small family business in 2017. We have a passion for taking short cuts in life and using items that increase productivity and efficiency. We didn’t want to keep these hacks to ourselves so we decided to share them with the masses. Since then, we dedicated our time and energy mainly on bringing real smart HACKs and using them first to make sure our customers fall in love with them, just as we did. A few years later, and we have our selves a dedicated team and happy customers from all around the globe.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or things you think we can improve to serve you better.


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